The Rambam Parent Teacher Organization consists of parent volunteers and class room mothers. Room mothers help parents stay involved by contacting other parents about driving on field trips, class parties or other information the PTO may need to get out to our parent body. Parents are encouraged to be active and volunteer. The PTO is always investigating new worthwhile activities, so please share your ideas.

Rambam's PTO helps to raise money for teacher gifts during the holidays and at the end of the year. Please contact Chani Slatus or your child's room mother for more information on volunteering for PTO sponsored events.

PTO Board 2015-2017

  • President: Chani Slatus
  • Vice President: Shoshana Weinberg
  • Secretary: Amy Steinert
  • Treasurer: Leeann Kole

PTO Class Parents 2015-2016

  • 2Y: Miriam Landon , Rena Maccabee
  • 3Y: Miriam Kreisel , Jody Langdon
  • 4Y: Yedida Schochet , Chaya Udinsky
  • K: Tziri Lob, Ruchoma Nitekman
  • 1st: Amy Steinert , Caroline Shemtov
  • 2nd: Lisa Chapman , Tzivia Bauman
  • 3rd: Hinda Garfunkel , Caroline Pritzker
  • 4th: Stacy Krapf , Bina Pritzker
  • 5th: Sabrana Rabhan , Lanie Saul
  • 6th: Sara Damelin ,Daniel and Cathy Skidmore-Hess
  • 7th: Katie Eichelbaum
  • 8th: Susan Boblasky

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2015 - 2016 PTO Fundraiser Events and Activities

PTO Back to school Ice Cream Social (08/16)
Come spend time with teachers and friends to celebrate Back to School!

Art Auction (11/14 & 11/15)
Bid on some beautiful art, benefit our school and socialize with friends.

PTO picnic in the park movie night (11/22)
Take advantage of Savannah's balmy fall weather and enjoy a picnic and movie under the stars with your family.

Thanksgiving Pumpkin pie sale (11/26)
Order your yummy pumpkin pie through the PTO and save yourself some time!

Read A Thon (1/6)
Encourage our kids to read and take a part in our school's fundraising efforts.

Adult Game night (3/6)
Fun for our parent body.

Passover Candy Sales (04/16)
Passover Candy Sales will start in late January. More information coming after the December holidays.

Passover Dinner (04/20 & 04/21)
Save the date for our delicious pre-Passover meals.

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2015-2016 PTO School Events

Field Trip Drivers
Parent volunteers are always needed to drive Rambam students to school sponsored events. Room parents generally make the phone calls to enlist needed drivers, but those volunteers that Rambam can keep "on call" would be much appreciated. Contact your child's Room parent for more information and to be put on the drivers' list.

Teacher Appreciation Week (05/02-05/06)
Parent volunteers are an important part of showing Rambam teachers our deep gratitude. PTO always involves the students in expressing appreciation during this week. Various creative ideas are used to make this week creative and fun. Please contact Chani Slatus for more information or with any ideas.

Book Fair
Book Fair comes to Rambam twice during the school year. Volunteers are welcomed and encouraged during this busy time. Duties include cashiering and helping children with book selections.

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