Educating children from the age of two years through eighth grade, Rambam Day School's curriculum is a dual program of both secular and Judaic studies. This unique program provides our students with a learning experience, which is not only well-rounded, but also remarkably challenging. Additionally, the Judaic studies enrich our students' knowledge of their Jewish heritage, strengthening their critical thinking skills.

Rambam integrates the use of technology in both secular and Judaic curricula. Preschool through 4th grade students use iPads, while our middle school students (5th-8th grade) use tablets. Students also utilize the school's dedicated computer lab with school-wide Wi-Fi capabilities. These advanced technology and educational resources ensure our students are outstanding 21st century learners.

Rambam is accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). SACS' mission is to lead and empower the education community to ensure that all learners realize their full potential. In doing so, SACS is an advocate of schools evaluating their programs and performance. SACS sends a team to assess a school's program and return every five years to assess the school's progress and growth in areas identified as those which could be strengthened. The process of accreditation and reapplication for accreditation presents the school with the opportunity for self evaluation, goal-setting, and documenting progress toward goals. Strong foundations for young learners lead to long-term benefits. SACS accreditation sets high expectations for professional practice, incorporates 21st Century skills related to early learning, and focuses on developmentally appropriate growth and educational development of young children. While Rambam's SACS review gives sound suggestions in key areas, we consistently meet and exceed goals and unfailingly receive complementary reviews.